Our Clients Communicate Results of CCEOC's Work

Here's what they have to say...

John Trakselis is an extraordinary Vistage chair. I appreciate his enthusiasm, organizational skills, considerate thought process, and passion for helping business leaders make better business decisions. As a facilitator, he truly understands how to give people the "air time" they need, while being able to adeptly cut/re-focus conversation when necessary. I highly recommend John for anyone needing a true trusted advisor, mentor, leader, guide and friend.

Rob Engelman, President, Engelman Management Group

John is a terrific Vistage chair and a wonderful person to work with. He is a terrific listener who sets a great example by always trying to improve the product he delivers to me, my business and our group.

Three of the qualities that set John apart as a Vistage chair, in my opinion, are:
1) A relentless pursuit and commitment to putting the right people together in our group.
2) An uncanny ability to search out relevant resources for our group or for me personally that address specific issues and problems that are surfaced during group meetings and one to one meetings.
3) A desire to be absolutely sure that the speakers we bring to the group provide interesting information that is actionable.

John is an extremely genuine and trustworthy person. He has been easy to talk to about both business and personal matters from the beginning of our time together. I trust John with my most intimate thoughts and feelings about myself, my family and my firm.

I highly recommend John as a Vistage chair and as a friend.

Alan Levitz, CEO of GCG Financial, Inc.

John is a terrific Vistage Chair and CEO coach. John asks the right strategic and probing questions to help CEO's focus ON their business; not just being IN their business. In addition, John has a broad business background and he is one of the most voracious readers I know. He is a caring and thoughtful person and he is deeply interested in others' success. John is a great servant leader.

Steve Niesman, President/CEO at itelligence

John is a caring Chair who holds his members accountable and has the drive and passion to succeed in all he does. He is a true Leader of Leaders to his Chief Executive members in the greater Chicago area. If you are looking to become a better leader or build a better company then I recommend you contact John. He can take you and your company from good to great.

Jason Bateman, Sales and Retention Leader for the World's Leading CEO Peer Advisory Organization

When I was first contacted by John about Vistage, I knew I needed to accelerate my learning path but I had no idea how to do it. Joining Vistage is one of the best decisions I have ever made. I get far more from the meetings than I would have ever expected. I gain so much from watching the group take an issue to recommendations and likely solution. My one on ones with John bring direction, accountability & enlightenment...but more importantly a friend and advisor on my path in business. I found the trusted advisor I needed in John but more importantly, I gained a friend and confidant.

Jim Starin, CEO at Starin Marketing Inc.

John thinks strategically and critically about the issue at hand, and works diligently to sort through the facts and get to a prompt, sensible resolution to problems. I'd work with him anytime.

Michael Levin, Partner at Consumer Intelligence Research Partners, LLC