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Greetings “From the Desktop of John J. Trakselis.” Get inspired and informed, and share your thinking with fellow CEOs and senior executives on a range of topics here! John J. Trakselis, founder and CEO of Chicago CEO Coaching, takes inspiration for his signature blog from a collection of 52 principles he has developed to help guide CEOs, business owners and senior executives to experience greater significance and meaning across all dimensions of their business and personal lives. We learn more by sharing in community with one another – so John invites you to participate in the discussion!

Finish Well

When you consider all the actions you take, do you think about finishing well? Most of the time we are worn out by big projects and we simply want to get them done.

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Persuasion is not Manipulation

Sell, sell, sell! Do you like to be sold to or do you like to be informed? If you are like most people you hate the heavy sales pitch.

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Teams have many Moving Parts

One of the best opportunities each of has is to be a part of a highly functioning team. In most cases a successful team is not an accident but a result of many different things coming together successfully.

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The Look & Feel of Effective Communication

The best form of communication is that which is understood. Understanding establishes an anchor point for two parties to begin a dialogue that can lead to constructive action.

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Thoughts on Mentoring

This essay is about one of the most wonderful opportunities that may come your way—being a mentor.

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Plan Now or Pay Later

Ready. Shoot. Aim. This is the way we usually start most of our initiatives. There are many benefits to getting moving, getting the blood flowing and getting excited about accomplishing things.

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Thoughts on Effective Delegation

In order to get things done leaders must delegate to others. Therefore, by definition, delegation is an important part of leadership.

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The Power of Listening

Conscious conversation – conversation that engages participants, inspires them to demonstrate their best, most authentic selves, and gives them a safe platform to be seen, heard and understood – includes active listening.

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Conflict Avoidance Wastes Time and Money

Conflict inevitably arises in any environment where two or more people work, live and/or play together – and even when prayer and worship are a dimension of the human connection, discord occurs.

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Do you want a Job or a Career?

Everyone has a job – something we believe we are required to do every day. For the unemployed, the job is finding a job.

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Tap the Real Meaning of Freedom, Experience a Meaningful Life

I keep hearing complaints about government infringing upon our freedoms. The truth is our individual freedoms would be constrained even more severely in an environment where “might would make right.”

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Pursuing your Truth

A free society works best when we are all responsible and accountable for our words and deeds. Our speech and actions work best when we base our decisions on the truth.

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The Basics of Leadership Development—The Direction Phase

Leaders who want to develop and grow to their full potential must have a sense of direction.

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The Basics of Leadership Development—The Discovery Phase

Leadership development is an essential part of my coaching practice. What is leadership development?

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What is Commitment?

Last week I had a conversation with Ted Garnett, President of PS Culture Matter. I asked him to give me his recommendation for a blog topic.

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Design is Everything

Design is an important focus in many large corporations and academia. Individuals who possess design skills – both product design and business process modeling – are in demand.

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Real Conversations

What passes for real conversation today can be compared to what Jerry Seinfeld said about his television show, Seinfeld: “It’s about nothing.”

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